5 Top Destinations You Should Visit This Year

The holiday season has started already…. Many places in this world are the most visited and least visited. There are several countries which tourists love to visit but here are the top five places which you should try to visit in a lifetime.


1. France
This amazing country has everything that will interest all age groups. Whether you want to see the monuments or the museums France has it all. You can visit the Eiffel tower or Loir Valley or the popular Muse du Louvre.
France was the most stayed country in 2012; around 8.4 million people visited this country for its fascinating beauty.

2. United States of America
The USA is the second destination which is frequently visited every year, tourist love this destination for its unique states with their own specialities, famous as camp America. It’s really thrilling to spend a holiday in the USA as all its states have different weather conditions, culture, and geography, spending vacations in this country is a thrilling experience for tourists.
In the USA you will always love to explore as there are many theme parks, museums, mesmerizing landscapes, famous buildings and delicious cuisine. The most visited cities of US are Los Angeles, New York City, Washington DC and San Francisco.

3. China
Tourists love visiting China this makes it the third most visited country due to its amazing history of Chinese dynasties, the Great Wall of China, The Forbidden City, Terracotta Army and many other attractions which are loved to be visited by the tourist. The food of China is another reason why tourists love to visit it.

4. Spain
Spain is visited by many tourists every year for its rich culture and history. There are many tourists’ attractions here which are rich in history and attract students, scholars and archaeologists. Spain has beautiful clear water beaches which also attract many people during summer time. Madrid and Barcelona are among the top nightlife destinations in Spain. Overall, Spain is not only ideal for tourists but is also an ideal place for couples to spend their honeymoon.

5. Italy
Italy is the most favourite location for those who are in love with love (romantic people), it is an ideal destination for many couples who are on their honeymoon. Rome the capital of Italy is famous for its Coliseum and the history of Roman Empire.
Tourists love to travel Italy for its culture, food, history, fashion and arts. Italy is once country that you get a chance to visit then you shouldn’t miss it.


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