A new everyday life and the fight against the recession

In Milan, citizens are coping with everyday life in the face of the coronavirus. Italy’s government is trying to deal with the economic crisis.
The Milan Cathedral can open again. What sounds like banal news is a small sign of hope at a time when there are already more than 1,500 coronavirus patients in Italy. General practitioner Paolo Di Lavore also says: “There was no rush to my practice.”

He postponed the appointments for patients who did not have a critical clinical picture. “Nothing has changed for the patients who suffer from serious illnesses instead, because there are not only the coronavirus cases.” A little everyday life in Milan that hit the epidemic hard.

Daycare centres, kindergartens, schools and universities, on the other hand, remain closed for another week. “I think that’s right,” says Cristina Martini, a math teacher at a Milan secondary school. “Although I would like to point out two facts to take the drama out of the way a little bit. First: In the week before the outbreak of the coronavirus, many students were at home because of the flu.” Secondly, last week the Milan schools were closed from Thursday anyway because here the carnival is celebrated a week later.

Many schools are now using their digital platform to organize lessons, Martini reports. “In others, the teachers have drawn up a homework plan for each subject and sent it to the students.” The same applies to universities. “We are now doing the seminars on YouTube,” says Giulia Martiradonna, a student at the Institute of Geology.

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