According to the UN, North Korea and Iran are cooperating on the missile program.

Ruler Kim Jong Un is pushing ahead with his nuclear program despite UN sanctions. He appears to be working with Iran on long-range missile development.
According to the United Nations, North Korea and Iran resumed their secret cooperation in developing long-range missiles last year. According to a report submitted by UN experts to the Security Council, “essential components” of missile technology have been supplied as part of this cooperation.

The report also cites a statement by the Iranian government in which it denies cooperation with the Pyongyang regime on the missile program. The UN report deals with the multitude of sanctions that the world organization has imposed on North Korea in recent years because of its nuclear and missile program. The report is prepared annually.

The current report states that North Korea pushed ahead with its nuclear and missile program in the past year, thereby ignoring the UN Security Council’s resolutions. The government in Pyongyang has produced fissile material and modernized the infrastructure of its missile program. North Korea also continued to seek “material and technology for these programs from abroad”.

The nuclear program is financed, among other things, with hacking activities carried out directly by the North Korean secret service. These had recently targeted “virtual asset paths and asset managers” and defence companies. The country of ruler Kim Jong Un has systematically circumvented the UN sanctions, among other things for the limited import of processed oil and other substances, for example with a transfer of goods between ships at sea.

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