All about Altium Designer – PCB Design Software

Every Circuit board requires PCB designing software at the initial level. Earlier, the PCBs were created manually, which was a time-consuming task. Moreover, in many cases, the PCB was made faulty. This problem was resolved with the introduction of PCB design software. The speed of designing a PDB through software is nearly 2-4 times quicker.

Now there are multiple packages available to design your printed circuit boards. But you need the best PCB design software to fulfil your requirements and get a quality PCB.

So, below are some pointers that you must consider while selecting PCB design software.

Type of Application:

Before buying a PCB design software, you must evaluate whether it’s your hobby or a professional need. For a hobby, there are many free PCB design software that can give you free designing services. However, in the case of industrial usage, you may require a premium version of the software’s enterprise version.


Every software comes with specific limitations, based on its subscription. So, you must know the level of portability it can provide and serve you. Some tools do not allow exporting or converting the design.


Every PCB software offers various features that you must know before investing. Check whether the software you are using provides a one-time PCB design or is scalable as per your needs.

Community Support:

To make the software ready for your purpose, you must have community support and use ready-made libraries when required in the project.


Above all, don’t forget to consider the ease of use. Make sure the software isn’t complicated and has various features to serve.

There are many FREE PCB design software; some of them are:

  • Tiny CAD Software
  • BSch3V
  • CircuitMaker
  • ZenitPCB

Coming to the paid tools, it offers a broad range of features added with features to export and design endless PCB. Altium Designer is a renowned name in the PCB design software list. Post-2018, the company comes forward with a completely re-designed Altium designer tool. It gives you opportunities from the performance as well as experience-wise. Compared to the old release of the Altium designer tool, Altium designer 19 offers ease of use added with fine-tuning features. Some of the new features introduced with Altium Designer 19 are:

Advanced Layer Stack Manager:  It defines stackups effortlessly and includes comprehensive editing type functionality.

Enhanced Interactive Routing Tools: Move Component retrace feature, Glossing Pushed Routes, and Follow Mode are some of the new capabilities added to this PCB design software.

Microvia Support: In the new update, you are going to accommodate high input/output densities of advanced component packages and boards.

New Parts Search and Components Panels: With new parts search and component panels, you can directly access to component libraries and available parts.

Faster Multi-Board Design Support: New Altium Designer 19 offers rigid-flex designs and MCAD-like editing functionality supported with a new 3D engine for accurate geometric modeling.

These update features have made it easy for the PCB designer to save time and get proficient PCB.

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