Ashton Kutcher Announces the End of the Netflix Series The Ranch

The fourth season of The Ranch will be the last season of The Netflix series, Ashton Kutcher says on Twitter on Tuesday. According to the Celebrity Insider Ashton Kutcher announces the Ranch is Ending.


“The Ranch is becoming to an end, but not yet. We want to show you the last twenty episodes,” writes the actor is shown in the series.

Ten episodes will be released later this year, and the other ten will follow in 2020.

The series revolved around a family with two adult sons who run a ranch in Colorado. Ashton played the role of son Colt, and his brother Rooster was represented by his former That ’70s Show colleague Danny Masterson.

That actor was fired at the end of 2007 for allegations of sexual abuse. His character went missing in the second half of the third season.

When season four is finished, The Ranch has eighty episodes. That is more episode that is the case with utmost Netflix Originals, writes The Hollywood Reporter.

This is due to a large number of episodes (twenty) that were ordered per season.

The Ranch is concerning the Bennett country family. The youngest son (Kutcher) returns home after a failed career in American football.

Earlier Danny Masterson had a role in the series. The actor was fired after he was accused of rape.

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