Barack Obama settles accounts with Donald Trump.

Ex-President Obama has given his successor a damning testimony. Vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris called Trump incompetent and heartless.
Former US President Barack Obama urged his compatriots in his speech at the Democratic Party Conference against another term of office for his successor Donald Trump. “This administration has shown that it will tear down our democracy if it wins,” said Obama in his surprisingly blunt and sometimes emotional speech on Wednesday evening. “Donald Trump didn’t grow into the job because he couldn’t. And the consequences of that failure are grave.”

Even during the election campaign, former presidents tend to be more cautious in their criticism of the incumbent president than other politicians. But Obama’s words, his most personal and direct criticism so far, highlighted the 44th president’s disdain for Trump and the belief that Trump was a threat to American democracy.

Trump has “shown no interest in doing his best” or “treating the presidency differently than another reality show that can help him to get the attention he longs for,” criticized Obama. Trump only used the power of his office to help himself and his friends. Under him, not only 170,000 Americans died during the corona pandemic, but millions of jobs were also lost. Obama also blamed the Republican for the fact that the US had lost its reputation in the world and that democratic institutions were threatened “like never before”.

Obama also called for voting. “I ask you to believe in your ability – to take responsibility as a citizen – to ensure that the principles of our democracy endure.”

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