Boris Johnson New Prime Minister of Great Britain

Boris Johnson will be the new British prime minister. He has won the battle for Conservative leadership from Jeremy Hunt and is, therefore, the new prime minister of 66 million Britons from tomorrow.

That has just been announced. Johnson’s win comes as no surprise, in the polls he had a big lead over Hunt.

The nearly 160,000 members of the Conservative party were allowed to vote for one of the two in recent weeks. Johnson received 92,153 of the votes. Hunt received 46,656 votes.

he 160,000 individuals from the Conservative Party cast a ballot by post over the previous weeks on the progression of Prime Minister Theresa May. She resigned after several unsuccessful attempts to steer her deal with the EU through the Lower House.

“Johnson has said he wants to put a thick line through May’s deal and start renegotiating with the EU,” says correspondent Anne Saanen. “He also promises that the UK will leave the EU by 31 October at the latest. With or without a deal.

Boris Johnson would use this as negotiating tactics to put pressure on the EU. The inquiry presently is whether this is a feign, or if he really means it “Certainly if he is willing to ignore the wish of the parliament, which is against a no-deal Brexit, that will produce political fireworks.”

May is expected to offer her resignation to the queen tomorrow. He will then meet the new leader of the Conservative Party and ask to form a government. Some ministers have already made it clear that they will not stay on when Johnson comes to power.

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