Challengers accuse Donald Trump of lying

US Democratic candidates for the presidential candidacy debated Trump’s policies in a TV duel. Bernie Sanders had to fight accusations.

In the US Democrats’ TV debate, leading presidential applicants have criticized US President Donald Trump’s approach to the conflict with Iran. Previous Vice President Joe Biden blamed Trump for “lying flawlessly” about the slaughtering of Iranian general Kassem Soleimani.

He was referring to the statements made by the US President that Soleimani had allegedly planned attacks on four US embassies in the Middle East. The one-sided withdrawal from the international nuclear agreement with Iran in 2018 was a big mistake. The United States is now “isolated” internationally. The Europeans would, therefore, call on the governments of the United States and Iran alike to exercise restraint.

Trump threatens to wage the US in a new war that could be “worse” than the Iraq war, Senator Bernie Sanders said during the debate. At the same time, he criticized Biden for agreeing to the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 as a senator. Biden admitted that this was a mistake.

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