China hacks the Vatican in the run-up to talks about the role of the Catholic Church.

Chinese hackers have invaded the Vatican’s computer network for three months, reports US internet security company Recorded Future. It was the first time that hackers linked to the Chinese government have been caught red-handed attacking the administration of the Catholic Church.

According to Recorded Future, the hackers targeted communications between the Vatican and Hong Kong-based Church representation. The company allegedly found clues in the attack method used that indicate Chinese hackers working on behalf of the government.

The incident is being released ahead of talks between the Vatican and Beijing about the Church’s role in appointing bishops in China, which are expected to begin in September.

The talks are a follow-up to an agreement between the two parties concluded in September 2018 on the job of the Catholic confidence in China. Under that deal, the Vatican has more to say about the bishops appointed by the Communist Party.

The connection between the two gatherings has since balanced out, but it is uncertain whether the agreement will automatically renew. The fact that travelling through the COVID-19 pandemic is difficult plays a role in this.

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