Common Flat Roof Maintenance Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Flat roofs are highly recommended for commercial and business purposes. Compared to a slant roof, a flat roof has many advantages that make it the best option for industrial purposes. However, it does require timely maintenance to keep it in good condition and proper functioning.

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Coming to the prime aspect, many building owners make common flat roof maintenance mistakes that cost them high (in future). So, if you are one of them, you should always avoid such errors and get a strong, robust, and long-lasting roof.

Mistake 1: Improper Drainage System:

With a flat roof, the proper drainage system is a must. It’s tough to allow easy water and debris runoff on a flat roof (compared to a sloped roof). Hence, you must have an adequate number of downspouts depending upon your roof area. Placing the drainage pipes at the right location is the tip. A flawed draining system invites still water that can cause leakage in-ceiling and create further damages to your roof.

Mistake 2: Wrong Roof Coating:

Once the roof is ready, the roof coating is applied based on your local weather conditions. However, many roofing contractors miss this step and expose your roof to common weather elements that start deteriorating its quality and strength. I always prefer a roof coating that can confront humidity, moisture, rainfall, and snowfall. If you are not sure about the suitable roof coating, ask your roofing contractor for the same.

Mistake 3: Not Removing Snow & Ice:

Post snowfall, it’s crucial to find time to remove the snow and clean your roof. Skipping the snow/ice removal can add a snow load on your roof that can cause damage. Make sure snow and ice accumulation should be treated immediately to avoid heavy load on your roof. Neglecting this can cause leakage, ponding, and freeze-thaw issues, which further require maintenance & repairs. Ultimately, it will cost you higher than usual.

Mistake 4: Not Adding Proper Ventilation: 

Whatever roof style you have, it’s important to add adequate ventilation to prevent moisture and condensation. However, many building owners skip adding ventilation that gives birth to unpredicted growth of molds, fungus, and algae in the moist area. As a result, they can start deteriorating your roof quality and encourage water leakage. Hence, you should ensure proper ventilation in your roof.

Mistake 5: Poor Installation: 

Poor installation is the most common issue that DIYers make with their roof. Installing roof incorrectly includes inadequate caulking, use of weak membranes, inappropriate seal installation, etc. All these issues can weaken your roof’s strength and encourage other problems in the future.

So, whether you own a commercial building with a flat roof or planning to own one, it’s essential to maintain the roof periodically. Timely maintenance always costs you minimal, whereas neglecting the same can cost you a significant amount.

Hence, it would help if you always took leverage from local roof repair and maintenance companies to strengthen your roof quality and maintain a secure shelter for your business.

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