Cynical Gerard Piqué: “I don’t remember”.


FC Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué was victorious with FC Barcelona with large numbers (1-4) visiting Villarreal. With four games to go in La Liga, the Catalans now have four points less than Real Madrid.

The Royal is, therefore, the sky-high favourite in the title fight, but Barcelona certainly does not give up, 33-year-old Piqué assures. In the past two seasons, Barça has always won the league title. “Joining this club means fighting to the bitter end,” said the experienced Catalan after the game. “We don’t like to be behind it and will do everything we can to reverse the situation.”

The defender was unable to hide his cynicism in the second half when a goal by his team-mate Arturo Vidal was disallowed for offside. “I can not remember. “There’s a lot of adrenaline on the field, isn’t it? I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Piqué played a play.

There has been plenty of complaints in recent weeks,  from Catalonia that Real Madrid would be favoured by the arbitration. Piqué is one of the players who has long made no secret of believing that Real Madrid would be favoured.

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