Decorate the Corridors with these Handy Tips

 We can prevent your passageways from looking empty and boring. So you have to know how you can arrange them. Discover some great tips here to make sure your hallways look great!

You use the corridors to reach the different rooms of your house. Often, however, we forget that the hallways are also part of the house. You also have to arrange the corridors.

It is true that the corridors are not a priority. It does not hurt to pay attention to it. Setting up the corridors will ultimately make a big difference in your home or your apartment.

When we talk about the layout of the corridors, you may only think of one thing: photos on the wall. Tell me honestly, how annoying is a simple, long corridor with photos nobody looks at?

You may also think of something else, the typical family photos. However, you can hang your reproductions from Monet in better places than in the hallway.

Organising the corridors in your home can be done in more attractive and fun ways. However, you must be honest with yourself. Decorate the corridors with things that you and your guests want to view.

The question now is: what do you hang on the walls?

Decorate the corridors with decorative elements

A mirror

Indeed, a mirror usually works best to decorate a corridor. After all, it gives a feeling of space and light. You can hang a mirror or place it on a table.

A table

A table in the corridor should preferably be narrow and have no drawers. Tables with drawers ensure that you want to store things in it. Later you forget where you put them away. You do not have to fill the tabletop with photos or accessories. Merely place a lovely table runner and place some original decorations.

  • Medium or large decorative elements
  • If you have a wide hallway, you can place medium or large portions. You can put everything there for example:
  • antique lanterns
  • a large vase with flowers or branches
  • wooden baskets and so on.

A lamp

Some people like to place colourful lamps that are very decorative. Are you such a person, try to put fewer things around the lamp. In this way, the lamp stands out as the main focus.

Make sure that the lamp is in a place where people can see it! If you choose to place only one lamp, make sure it is light enough. Then it will illuminate the other decorative elements.

A carpet

This is another element that you can use to decorate the corridors. A beautiful rug in the hallways can make your home feel cosy and warm. It can also help to unite the general atmosphere of the house.

Paint or wallpaper

Are your corridors wide? Do you want to add personality and colour? Then you can decorate the corridors with wallpaper or with a striking shade of paint on the wall.

Another good idea is to use both paint and wallpaper. You create a visual continuity and give it a dynamic view.


Nowadays there are murals with images of amazing landscapes. They create the illusion that the corridor does not end here, but that it leads to nature. The best aspect of murals is that you can easily make them custom-made.

Ideas for the layout of the corridors

A good idea to organise your corridors is to make the single element the central element of attention.

Find objects that are unique and different from ordinary things. For example, use a mirror in a unique shape or with a decorated frame instead of a square, round or oval mirror.

Place only a few decorative elements on a table. A few candles, a wooden figure or a plant are all great ideas. You may find these ideas interesting, but they do not fit in your way. Then feel free to experiment and make adjustments.

One plan can lead to another. In a short time, you will have beautiful corridors!

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