Electrical Measuring Instruments Used in Daily Life

When we come across about the accidents, then every year, hundreds of people get killed just because of electrical failure and fire from short-circuits. It is all due to ignorance is shown while handling the electrical instruments or without an expert rectifying the errors.

Instruments used to measure electric current should be dealt with proper knowledge, or if not, then one should take the help of professionals. For an emergency purpose, some handy electrical test equipment must be kept at home. But these are advised for those who have a fair idea regarding electrical testing.


Here are a few electrical measuring instruments that you can have at home for an emergency.

• Analog Ammeters:
The device used to measure current flow with the help of the pointer the current level is displayed on the dial in amperes. For running any electrical good, this is the device that is used to determine the correct amount of power needed.

• Analog Voltmeter:
A voltmeter is used to measure the voltage of the current passing through the circuit. If there is any drop in the voltage, then voltmeter also shows. The reading is simple as the needle is there, pointing the current-voltage on a dial.

• Circuit Tracer:
Also known as the signal tracer, which is an essential testing device. It is necessary because it can trace the fault in the circuit in the first place. Short-circuits and breakage like problems can be resolved quickly through circuit tracer.

• Analogue Multimeter:
The most crucial device required measuring the flow of electricity like voltage, resistance, and signalling power. This is the most liked instrument as you have accurate reading in a short time.

• Clamp Meter:
The device mostly used by the electricians; this equipment allows the user to measure electricity from the circuit without disconnecting anything from the main wires. It identifies the mechanism under heavy load and also gives an accurate reading.

• Phase Meter:
When the electricity is flowing from three phases, then this instrument is used. Phase tester and phase rotation meters are also included in it, which gives an accurate reading from all three phases.

• Ground Resistance Testers:
To test the electrical grounding systems to determine the flow of power between the earth and the conducting object. People who are having sound knowledge of the testing equipment are advised more to handle this equipment as they are complicated to read.


Handy electrical testing instruments are always needed in a house but, people caring for these must have good knowledge about all these devices. By keeping these at home makes the life of the user comfortable and hassle-free.

Ammeter and multimeter are some instruments that are sufficient in a house if one who is using these instruments have a lack of knowledge about all the instruments mentioned above. It’s effortless to have readings on the screen as nowadays, and digital instruments are available in the market that is quite easy to handle.

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