Facebook offers users money again in exchange for data

Facebook has started again with a program where users are paid for their data and answers. Facebook previously stopped such a program after criticism.
The new Facebook Viewpoints pays American Facebook users with PayPal credit to fill in questionnaires.

Previously, Facebook already had such programs, but they were stopped after the fuss. At the start of this year, it turned out that Facebook had paid teens for years to monitor their network traffic.
Facebook has stricter rules for its new program. For example, participants must prove that they are of age. Facebook is also more explicit about what information is collected from users, and what happens with it. Facebook does not promise to sell the collected data without permission.

Viewpoints should become available in several countries in the coming period. Such paid survey lists have been around for some time; For example, Viewpoints is similar to Google’s Opinion Rewards. Facebook has regularly been in the news in recent years when it came to the unauthorized collection and sharing of user data.

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