In these 7 ways, junk food will damage your body in less than 9 days

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that junk food is bad for your organisation. But sometimes you can not resist the temptation. You tell yourself that it is only one burger and that it can not do much harm. Even one serving of junk food can, however, be harmful to your body.

Here are a few damages that junk food can do with your body in less than 9 days:


Twelve healthy men ate five days of unhealthy food, especially microwave meals. The research, which was issued in the journal Obesity, showed that their muscles started to convert glucose into energy less and less effective. If they had followed the diet for longer, their metabolism would have been severely affected.

Blood vessels

Fast food brings similar damage to your blood vessels — the blood vessel wall of healthy men who ate junk food narrowed by 24 per cent within two hours of eating, according to a Canadian study. Narrowed blood vessels mean high blood pressure and possible heart problems.


Scientists at the University of Cambridge discovered that rats started making more mistakes in a maze after just nine days of junk food than rats fed a healthy diet. They are now investigating whether the same effects also occur in humans.


Because of all that sugar in junk food, a whole load of insulin is pumped through your body, and your tissue absorbs all of that glucose. This happens so quickly that the change in blood sugar makes you feel tired and irritated.


A new study in the magazine Immunity shows that your skin is going to set up junk food. When researchers gave mice junk food, they discovered changes in the proteins in the skin of the rodents, which caused inflammation.


Studies have shown that sugar-rich foods stimulate the production of opioids and dopamine, the same substances that are discharged when you take addictive drugs.

Intestinal bacteria

Scientists have recently discovered that the intestinal bacteria population of rats eating junk food is changing. Some dangerous bacteria multiplied and caused damage to the intestines.

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