London Obs & Gynae Clinic and Infertility

Infertility has become very common due to many factors. Men and women all around the world are experiencing infertility issues. Thanks to the advancement in medicine that’s helping innumerable couples experience the cycle of pregnancy and enjoy parenthood.

Why is addressing infertility important?

Addressing many issues, including infertility, was taboo. However, people have now become open to discussions about infertility and its problems with much awareness. Unfortunately, since people were uncomfortable talking about it, diagnosis and treatment became difficult.

However, with the help of awareness programs, medical helpers have made it easier for couples to discuss the problems related to abnormal sperm counts and irregular menstrual cycles.

Addressing infertility is still very important because it leaves numerous negative social impacts on the lives of couples, especially women who face violence, divorce, emotional stress, anxiety, and depression.

Therefore, fear of infertility has deterred couples from using preventive measures to prove their fertility to the world. In such conditions, education and awareness programs have played a significant role in explaining the importance of discussing its problems.

Before going to a private gynaecologist clinic London treating couples with infertility, let us take a quick look at the helpful information related to infertility.

Major causes of infertility

Here, we discuss several factors that cause infertility. These causes differ in men and women

Causes in Men

Following are some significant causes of infertility in men.

Abnormal sperm count

Enlarged veins in testicles and genetic defects are some primary causes that lead to infertility in men. Moreover, health issues such as diabetes or infections including mumps, HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhoea also lead to problems related to infertility.

Ejaculation problem

Sexual problems like premature ejaculation, blockage in the testicles, injury in the reproductive organs, or genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis are significant causes that men with infertility face.

Environmental factors

Men who have excessive exposure to certain environmental factors such as chemicals and radiation complain about infertility. Moreover, alcohol, anabolic steroids, certain drugs or medications to treat infections, depression, and high blood pressure are also significant causes of infertility in men.

Causes in Women

Women experience infertility issues due to the following reasons.

Irregular menstrual cycles

Women experience menstrual cycles since puberty. Many complain about irregular periods that later become a problem in conceiving.

Fallopian tube blockage

Caused by inflammation of the fallopian tube resulting from pelvic inflammatory disease can be a significant cause of conceiving problems in women.

Cervical abnormalities

Abnormalities, including the shape of the uterus, polyps, and uterine fibroids, can hinder women from trying to conceive.

Hormonal disorders

Disorders including polycystic ovary syndrome have become very common in women. It has become a significant cause of infertility in women. However, women experiencing it can hope to conceive if treated in time.

How is London OBS & GYNAE Clinic helping people with infertility?

Private gynaecologist clinic in London is famous for offering the best infertility treatment. Its popularity is due to the hard work of experts who promise comfortable care, high-quality treatments, and advanced technology.

When couples reach out to us, we examine their history, focusing on menstrual cycles or other hormonal disorders. Following it, we physically look at the patients and perform a pelvic ultrasound scan, which gives us a clearer picture. We also perform semen analysis for men to test the abnormalities if seen.

Our key to success is knowing our patients and delivering the best possible treatment.

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