Looking for a Perfect Knife Gift for Your Father – Consider These Options

Whether it is an occasion of father’s day, Memorial Day, or even your father’s birthday, you search for an ideal gift for him. He is fond of knives, and hence you are aggressively looking for a good knife for your father.

Laguiole knives are one of the most popular options to consider. But it has a wide range of knives that might confuse you in making a perfect selection. Before sharing the list of top 5 Laguiole knives with you, it’s essential to know why the Laguiole knife is an excellent option to choose over other alternatives.

Premium Quality:

In terms of the blade and handle, the Laguiole knives are made with top-quality stuff. High-quality stainless steel is used for the blades. Moreover, wood or horns are used to offer a premium handle to these knives. You won’t see any plastic body around this knife, making it a top-quality product to invest.

Made in France:

What’s more satisfying than buying a knife right from its roots? Laguiole is a village in France where the manufacturing of the Laguiole knife started. You can directly buy from the manufactures and get it delivered anywhere on the globe.

Important Note:

When buying this knife, make sure you are purchasing a genuine item. With the increasing demand of the Laguiole knife, many counterfeit products are also available. You must research well ahead of investing in a knife.

Every knife is 100% handmade that undergoes more than 170 processes to ensure you get a perfect masterpiece that’s worth the price.

Now, let’s take a look at the top 5 Laguiole knives that you can order for your father.

Laguiole knife – Ram’s Horn Handle – Stainless Steel bolsters

It is a masterpiece made with 12C27 stainless steel blade supported with 2 stainless steel bolsters. Its beauty is more glorified with the use of natural Ram’s horn.

Laguiole Knife – Natural Brown Horn Handle – Stainless Steel Bolsters

This is another piece in the catalogue of traditional knives. The point that attracts buyers to this knife is its handle, which is made with the natural brown horn. It is also made with 12C27 grade stainless steel.

Laguiole knife – blond Horn Tip Handle – Stainless Steel bolsters

If you are looking for a simple yet elegant knife for your father, this Laguiole knife will be a better option to buy. Its handle is made with natural blond horn Tip, and the same grade of stainless steel is used to ensure a robust blade with durability.

Laguiole knife with corkscrew – brown Horn Handle – Stainless Steel bolsters

This multifunctional Laguiole knife is best to use if your father wants a knife with add-on features. This knife has a corkscrew with a natural brown horn handle and 2 stainless steel bolsters.

Laguiole Knife and corkscrew – Natural Ram’s Horn Handle – Stainless Steel Bolsters

This is another multipurpose knife that comes with a corkscrew. Its handle is made with natural Ram’s horn, and the blade is made up of stainless steel.

All these knives are budget-friendly and can be delivered at your doorstep quickly. So, grab your knife today!

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