Meghan Markle Boarded the Plane on Her Own

Meghan Markle (38) boarded the plane to the United States on her own. Her four-month-old son Archie stays behind with his father Harry (34) in England.

The Duchess of Sussex is currently en route to New York for a tennis match from her good friend Serena Williams. She is in the final of the US Open this weekend. Meghan is expected to be back in England on Sunday evening.

Serena and Meghan are good friends. The tennis star was even invited to the wedding of Harry and Meghan last May.

Strikingly enough, this time Meghan chose to travel on a scheduled flight. At the beginning of this summer she received a lot of comments when she made trips to Ibiza and southern France with a private plane. The royal is always committed to sustainability, but flying with a private plane is anything but good for the environment.

According to sources, Prince Harry’s wife flew to New York on her own, so without her staff. She was, however, accompanied by security officers.

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