Microsoft Makes Emoji Open Source

More than 1,500 of Microsoft’s 3D emojis go open source, meaning creators can customize and build on them.

It concerns the 3D emoji from Windows 11 and Microsoft Teams. There are about 1,538 of them, and almost all of them will be posted on Figma and Github, where you’ll be able to download the code to get started on your own. Microsoft says in an announcement that it hopes to promote more creativity and inclusion around emoji.

Creatives can use and rework the colourful drawings to create stickers, insert them into other works, or build their own unique sets of emojis. Think, for example, of new skin colours or expressions or sets around holidays that they had not yet thought of at Microsoft.

Officially, Microsoft says it is inspired by the trend towards more home working, which makes it more important to include body language and facial expressions more extensively in digital communication.

However, it also doesn’t seem far-fetched that the tech giant gets some of its mustard from services like Discord and Slack, where many servers have long been allowed to upload and set unique emoji specific to that server’s culture.

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