North Korea plans to deploy troops in the demilitarized zone

Tensions on the Korean peninsula continue to increase. North Korea’s army is now planning to deploy troops to the border area.
Internal Korean relations have suffered another setback. In a message on state television KCNA, a spokesman for the General Staff of the North Korean People’s Army (KPA) announced that troops would be deployed on Mount Kumgang and Kaesong near the border. Police posts that had been withdrawn from the heavily fortified demilitarized zone (DMZ) would also be called up again, and artillery units near the western maritime border should also be strengthened. The announcement came after North Korea blew up the liaison office in retaliation for repeated leaflet actions from the south.

The troops are on high alert, said the North Korean army spokesman. “A solution to the current north-south crisis caused by the incompetence and irresponsibility of the South Korean authorities is out of the question and can only be ended if a reasonable price is paid,” said KCNA.
South Korea’s President Moon Jae In previously offered to send his national security adviser and secret service chief to Pyongyang as special envoys. But Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un and herself an influential official in the ruling Labor Party, “firmly opposed the tactless and malicious proposal,” KCNA reported. Moon’s envoys on “bridging crises” are a completely absurd proposal and he must understand that such a “trick no longer works”.

The KPA said a media report said the military was considering plans to return to areas demilitarized in 2018 under an agreement and to transform the “front line into a fortress.” The Ministry of Defense in South Korea asked North Korea to abide by the intra-Korean peace agreement. Both sides had vowed to stop “all hostile acts” and as a result, had already dismantled a number of military structures along the DMZ.

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