North Korea temporarily stops planned military actions against South Korea

North Korea had threatened to retaliate against South Korea for propaganda. North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un moved away from this without giving any reason.
The North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un initially refrains from planned military action against South Korea. At a meeting of the ruling Labor Party’s military commission, committee members “took stock of the current situation” before deciding to suspend the military plans, the North Korean state media reported. No reasons were given for this. However, measures to “further strengthen the country’s war deterrence” were discussed.

North Korea had recently reacted angrily to a propaganda campaign by South Korean activists who had sent leaflets wrapped in balloons near the border with criticism of the autocratic leadership in Pyongyang to the north. The North Korean leadership then blew up a liaison office on the border with South Korea and threatened the neighbour with an unspecified military action. North Korea also announced last week that it would resume military exercises near the border and move soldiers to formerly shared industrial and tourist areas. The Kim leadership made South Korea responsible for the lack of progress in bilateral cooperation.

North Korea surveillance website 38 North said last week’s anti-South Korea rhetoric left room for flexibility. “Even if North Korea avoids a serious escalation of tensions, it is still unlikely that it will seek diplomatic ties with the government of South Korean President Moon Jae In in the near future,” it said.

North Korea’s talks with the United States about its nuclear program have long stalled. North Korea had often increased tensions with South Korea in the past when Pyongyang from Washington, D.C. did not get the promises it wanted. In recent months, North Korea has become increasingly annoyed by Seoul’s unwillingness to defy the US-led punitive measures related to the nuclear program and to restart domestic Korean economic projects. Relations declared North Korea to be completely broken.

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