Queen Elizabeth still put in the spotlight.

A bright spot for the Queen of England. Queen Elizabeth’s birthday is normally celebrated on April 21, but the festivities did not materialize this year due to the coronavirus. Now the royal still gets a tribute. Buckingham Palace reports this.

Normally, a parade takes place where the military guards march past the Queen. Thousands of people often stand along the route at this ceremony. On Saturday, June 13, a military salute will now take place to celebrate her birthday, as a replacement for the annual Trooping the Color. Usually, during this parade, military guards pay tribute to the Queen by displaying flags and a parade, but this is now being replaced by the ‘royal salute’. The royal is expected to come and have a look, even from behind a window.

The 67th anniversary of her coronation also looked different this year because of the virus. Every year, the bells of Westminster Abbey in London are rung to celebrate the anniversary, but they skipped a year. The building is also closed to the public. However, extra prayers were made for the British and her family.
The British are very old at 94 years old, so the coronavirus is also life-threatening for her. And as long as there is no vaccine, she will not be among the people. Of course, that also applies to our Princess Beatrix.

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