Samsung no longer supplies parts to Huawei due to US sanctions

Samsung will stop supplying parts to Huawei from September 15. The Korean company SK Hynix would also stop doing so.

On September 15, new US rules will come into effect, as a result of which chip manufacturers who use American technology are no longer allowed to do business with Huawei. The sanctions were announced in May.

Huawei is on a list of companies in the United States that may pose a national security risk. The US government is thinking that the Chinese government could listen in on Huawei hardware, something Huawei has always denied.

The rules also apply to chips that are made outside the United States, but that use American software and technology. That is why Samsung and SK Hynix must also stop supplying the parts to Huawei.

Last month it became apparent that Huawei was threatened with a shortage of smartphone chips due to sanctions from the US. Huawei CEO Richard Yu called that a significant loss for the company. According to him, the last generation of Kirin chips for Huawei phones will probably appear this year.

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