Selena Gomez affected by negative weight gain reactions

It had struck Selena Gomez (27) terribly that people attacked her for her weight when she gained a few pounds due to the medication she had to take in connection with her Lupus disease.

“That cut it in yes, and I was really upset,” said Selena in an interview with the Giving Back Generation.

The 27-year-old actress/singer tried to reduce the pain by taking a break from social media. “I’ve been away for a while, and since my return, I decided not to look at my timeline anymore. I am very ok with my life now and especially to be there.

I live my life here and now and don’t want to look too much at what I have experienced. So, for example, I am standing on a red carpet, then let photographers shoot their images, but then do not look back at those photos. That gives me peace of mind. “

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