‘Super strict doctor’ Rutte thinks that Italy should be able to take care of itself.

Italy must learn to keep its own pants on in the next economic crisis. That says Prime Minister Rutte in an interview with the magazine of the largest newspaper in Italy.

In the interview, the prime minister mainly speaks about European aid to the countries that have been severely affected by the coronavirus. Rutte says he understands how heavy Italy is. “The effect of the pandemic has been enormous on Italy, both in terms of human lives and economic damage. We understand, and therefore we must help Italy.”

But that aid must be accompanied by reforms, says Rutte. Because Italy must make itself resilient to future crises. “I think it is admirable what Prime Minister Conte has done so far. The measures he has taken to make Italy more productive and competitive. Unpopular measures have also been taken, and that is a good start. It is crucial that Italy take the next step can respond to a crisis on his own. “

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