Taylor Swift transfers hefty sums to single mothers.

Taylor Swift (30) has made substantial donations to charities and people in need several times during her career. Even now, the singer has shown herself again at her best. She helped two single mothers by transferring over $ 20,000 to their GoFundMe page. That reports ‘The Washington Post’.

The single moms, Nikki Cornwell and Shelbie Selewski, had been lagging in paying their rent and other bills for a few months, having become unemployed due to the coronavirus. This posed the threat of being evicted from home, which would exacerbate their problems and those of their children.

Both mothers could hardly believe that Taylor was helping them out. “My kids are just not going to believe this. They have always been fans of Taylor, but when they hear this, she will rise to great heights within our household,” said Selewski. Cornwell agreed. “It is simply amazing what Taylor has done for us. We have been helped so much with this. Especially just before Christmas, it is nice when a considerable burden falls off your shoulders. I cannot express how grateful we are for her. Gesture. Taylor is a great person. “

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