The little pandemic

U.S. President Donald Trump starts a strange offensive against the coronavirus – and uses the fear in the population to a campaign.

What was that called? “Corona … er, coronavirus,” Donald Trump murmurs into the microphone and takes another close look at the pages on the lectern shortly before announcing the national emergency – “two very big words” – for the United States on Friday afternoon. Above all, that means more money. $ 50 billion will now be released from the U.S. federal budget. Money that is always available for such emergencies and is now to be used in the fight against the coronavirus.

Trump’s appearances in this scenario have many disturbing moments. Among the many bizarre press conferences held by the American president during his tenure, the youngest ranks high. High-ranking representatives of large U.S. corporations such as Walmart and Google stand around the president. They are all part of the staging of Trump’s grand plan: a “public-private partnership” between politics and companies to fight the virus. Google, for example, is currently developing a website where you can enter your symptoms. Thereupon you might get a drive-in-corona test centre nearby – for which Walmart, Target and Co, in turn, provide part of their parking spaces.

One by one, Trump calls the business bosses forward after his speech – like schoolchildren who are supposed to pick up their certificates. A representative of the pharmaceutical company Roche thanks the Food and Drug Administration and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the unusually quick approval of a rapid corona test, which is now to be quickly launched. Trump: “Great company. Next!”

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