“They want to stop me because I fight for you.”

The US President defends himself in a video message against possible impeachment. The Democrats wanted to take away their voice and freedom from the citizens.

US President Donald Trump has campaigned for support in a video message and attacked his opponents in the face of plans to impeach him. The opposition Democrats are a threat to the rights of US citizens, Trump said in the video released on Twitter.

They “want to take your weapons away from you, they want to take your health care away, they want to take your vote away, they want to take your freedom away,” Trump said. “We must never let that happen because our country is at stake as never before.”

The US president said the reasons for the Democrats’ actions against him are “very simple”: “They try to stop me because I fight for you – and I’ll never let that happen.”

After releasing the video message, Trump once again spoke of a “witch hunt” against him in several tweets. Democrat Adam Schiff, who is driving the impeachment process, has repeatedly insulted and defamed him and has had to leave the US Congress.

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