Truce in Idlib holds

A ceasefire has been in effect in the Syrian province since midnight. Activists report “relative” calm. In Zagreb, the EU foreign ministers discuss the situation.
A ceasefire negotiated by Turkey and Russia for the Syrian province of Idlib will initially last. Activists and opposition representatives report this. Neither the Syrian government army nor the allied Russian associations have continued their airstrikes in Idlib. However, there were still bombings in the region just a few minutes before the ceasefire began. The UK-based activist organization relies on a network of local informers.

“We see a tense calm in all warring parties in the first few hours,” said another opposition representative. Everyone is aware that a violation would have consequences. “But it’s a very fragile ceasefire.”
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish head of state Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan agreed on the ceasefire at a meeting in Moscow on Thursday. There will also be a security corridor along a strategically important highway.

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