Trump fails with a complaint to the Supreme Court.

In the fight against being voted out of office, the incumbent US president has suffered another defeat. The Supreme Court dismissed his complaint about the election result in Pennsylvania.
US President Donald Trump has failed in another attempt to challenge his defeat in the presidential election in court. The US Supreme Court rejected an injunction request that Trump and his Republican supporters tried to overturn the election results in the important US state of Pennsylvania. There the Democrat Joe Biden had won.

The judges did not comment on the reasons in their brief decision. The paper also does not reveal whether the judges – six of whom are considered conservative – reached their decision unanimously or whether there were dissenting opinions.

Trump has been claiming since the November 3rd election that his victory was stolen by fraud. Up until this point, neither he nor his legal counsellors have had the option to give persuading proof. Even his own Justice Minister now openly contradicts the president. More than three dozen claims at the government and state level have just come to nothing. In the US state of Georgia, however, Trump is sticking to the thesis that he will still win the election. In his first meeting after the political decision, he as of late emphasized his charges of extortion.

In the case of Pennsylvania, Trump’s lawyers had objected to amended postal voting laws. The Supreme Court’s decision left no doubt that the election result in Pennsylvania was legal. It has also been formally recognized since November 23.

Pennsylvania state attorneys warned the Supreme Court that revoking certification would be a “dramatic” move. They argued, “No court has ever made an order invalidating the governor’s confirmation of the results of a presidential election.”

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