Trump’s prosecutors show disturbing videos during the hearing.

New images were presented in the impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump. High-ranking MPs were in mortal danger when they stormed the Capitol.
With disturbing video recordings and a meticulous retelling of the US Capitol’s violent attack on January 6, the prosecutors in the impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump reinforced their allegations against the former US president. In the US Senate, the prosecution presented video scenes, some of which were previously unpublished, of the Congress seat’s storming by Trump supporters. They accused Trump of having prepared the ground for the attack for months with his election fraud allegations and of having deliberately instigated and orchestrated the outbreak of violence.

The top Democrat Nancy Pelosi may have been in mortal danger that day, it said at the hearing. Capitol cops took them out of the building and removed them from the entire convention complex – to a secret location elsewhere, said Prosecutor Stacey Plaskett. If the rioters found Pelosi, they would have killed her, Plaskett said. Some had publicly stated that they wanted to injure or kill them. “You did it because Donald Trump sent you on this mission.”
Trump’s House accusers played an audio recording of Pelosi’s staff barricaded in a room whispering for help. They also showed pictures of the violent mob trying to break through Pelosi’s office door.

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